Ignacio de Batz

Former jurist. I hold an M.A. in Diplomacy and Intelligence Analysis, an M.A. in Nobiliary Law with a specialization in Heraldry and Genealogy, and an intermediate degree in Music for the Oboe.

Always interested in real estate, I am name partner and founder of a real-estate and investment law firm in CDMX, Mexico. While I hold an equity stake, it is a non-executive role. I focus on key meetings and relationship-building.

  • “The U.S. Response to Terrorism and Its Impact In International Law”
  • “Los Olaso de Barcaldo”
  • “Prospective Analysis of the Syrian War”
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“Thus to Glaucus spake
Divine Sarpedon, since he did not find
Others as great in Place, as great in Mind.
Above the rest, why is our Pomp, our Power?
Our flocks, our herds, and our possessions more?
Why all the Tributes Land and Sea affords
Heap'd in great Chargers, load our sumptuous boards?
Our chearful Guests carowse the sparkling tears
Of the rich Grape, whilst Musick charms their ears.
Why as we pass, do those on Xanthus shore,
As Gods behold us, and as Gods adore?
But that as well in danger, as degree,
We stand the first; that when our Lycians see
Our brave examples, they admiring say,
Behold our Gallant Leaders! These are They
Deserve the Greatness; and un-envied stand:
Since what they act, transcends what they com-mand.
Could the declining of this Fate (oh friend)
Our Date to Immortality extend?
Or if Death sought not them, who seek not Death,
Would I advance? Or should my vainer breath
With such a Glorious Folly thee inspire?
But since with Fortune Nature doth conspire,
Since Age, Disease, or some less noble End,
Though not less certain, doth our days attend;
Since 'tis decreed, and to this period lead,
A thousand ways the noblest path we'll tread;
And bravely on, till they, or we, or all,
A common Sacrifice to Honour fall.”